Life lately…when it rains, it pours

Guys, when it rains, it pours! Seriously, life has been crazy busy lately. But you know what hasn’t been busy? This blog! Ha! But I digress. I just wanted to give you a quick update of all the wonderful things that are happening in my little corner of the world lately.

First, I survived another birthday celebration. That sounds horrible. I actually enjoyed planning and hosting this party. This time, it was a double birthday since we were celebrating our youngest’ very first year (both of my kids have birthdays on the same month). Remember my previous blog post on how to plan a stress-free birthday for toddlers? Well, let’s just say I did not take my own advice and had a longer To-Do list on the day of the party than I would have preferred.

I found these guys on Amazon. They’re actually collectibles. I like to call them cake toppers.

See? They’re cake toppers. Told ya!

Overall, the party was a great success. I had fun planning the superhero theme party, the kids enjoyed it, and my guests did too. Maybe the grown-ups had a little too much fun with this backdrop I purchased from Amazon for only $20!

Don’t mind us silly parents, we were having fun!

Excuse the blurry pictures, it’s hard to capture so much action!

To reduce the stress of serving a full course meal a-la Venezuelan style (c’mon familia, not every birthday party is an excuse to grill meat and eat!), we decided to order pizza. I’m so glad we did this because instead of spending all morning cooking like we did last year, I was able to put up all the decorations and cross off last minute things from my To-Do list.

Isn’t he the most adorable Batman (err, bat-boy/bat-bunny) ever???

The morning after the party, we woke up and started cleaning the house like mad people. We had decided to put our townhouse on the market about a week before the party and scheduled the first Open House for that same weekend. The timing wasn’t perfect, but we were anxious to start the process of selling our house.

Fast forward another week, and I had my annual reunion with my girlfriends. Luckily, I have the most amazing girlfriends in the world and they were kind enough to drive down to visit me in Richmond.  That way, I wouldn’t have to pack half the house in the car and drive several hours somewhere in the northeast (we try to pick a different location every year), with my whole gang in tow.

Less than an hour after my girlfriends arrived in the house, we received a call from our realtor saying we received an offer on our house (after being on the market for merely 2 weeks!). I give all the credit to the beautiful and positive energy my lady friends brought to the house.

After a wonderful weekend catching up with my friends and enjoying a long-awaited “ladies day out,” our oldest son started his first day at pre-school (I told you, when it rains, it pours!). It was a bittersweet moment. My husband and I took him to school that morning to make sure he was well situated and all. Liam, our son, was curious but very shy and hesitant to explore the room on his own. I did my best to describe the day’s schedule to him, including the lunch and snack menus. He was absorbing everything with much caution.

Love this kid! Every time I look at this picture, I get teary-eyed.

To our surprise, our son didn’t cry when we left that morning. I definitely held my tears back, though. Gosh, parenting can be so hard sometimes, for all the good reasons. The rest of the week wasn’t easy, but we survived it. Now, I’m gearing up for Week #2 of pre-school. Please send all the good vibes you can my way.


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  1. Maly,
    Reading about Liam’s first day reminded me of Kari’s first day in pre-school. She was a bit less than 2, but as an only child we thought she’d like being with other kids. Joyce took her to the classroom door, bent down and said goodbye. Kari charged into the room and didn’t even look back! She just offered a backhanded wave over her shoulder! That was our clue that she would be a very independent girl. She was and is. She deliberately wore mismatched socks since 4th grade. Now, she’s a bi-racial independent journalist often writing stories on Asian New York. I don’t know if the pre-school classroom door is a consistent predictor of a child’s future, but it was for ours!

    1. My mom says I had the same exact reaction as Kari! I even told my mom it was ok for her to leave. Liam’s second day was a little different from the first. I guess he wasn’t pleasantly surprised the day before when we left and didn’t come back to pick him up until after the end of the day. Thank you for reading Mr. Lindberg!!!

  2. Love reading your blogs specially early morning going to work .
    I relate to your blog a lot since I just celebrated my Kori’s first birthday. I don’t know how to manage doing all that plus having two little ones , I guess ill know once Kori gets a little brother/sister.
    My best vibes to you and your new home ! Hope the proxsss goes smooth as possible 🙂

    1. Thank you Jenny!!!! Hope Kori’s first birthday was absolutely wonderful! The thought of Kori having a little sibling makes me smile 🙂

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